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Piramidions respects the privacy of all the users of her site and takes care that the personal information acquired will be handled confidentially. We use your information in order to handle your orders smoothly and promptly.

Piramidions will not sell your personal information to third parties and will only hand personal information over to third parties that are involved in handling your order.

Piramidions uses the acquired information to deliver its customers the following services:
  • When you place an order we require your name e-mail adress, delivery address and payment information in order to handle your order and keep you informed about the progress of the execution.
  • To fascillitate easy shopping at Era Nova we require with your consent your information and store it into your personal account. You're account allows you faster and easier shopping for future orders.
  • For the purpose of storing your personal download links of digital content, such as ebooks and audio books. Your download links will be retained for the duration of 500 days.
  • We use your e-mail address to inform you about new titles through a newsletter. In case you no longer appreciate this free service, you can unscribe from the newsletter.

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